Nextion hmi examples

In this post, I will explain how to draw basic HMI screens, setting tag names and reading tags using Arduino.

nextion hmi examples

Circuit Diagram:. So I have written this code to operate common anode LED as output. If you want to drive relays instead of LED, you will need to change the code a bit. HMI with Arduino working video:. Downloads :. Nextion Library. Nextion HMI file. Nextion TFT file. HMI Images. Outputs are not changing state and I get the output window below. Hello, actually I am having doubt for the arduino and nextion screen display. I am getting the input on the digital pin of arduino and by using pulse in function I am calculating the time period of the pin being low.

And then I have a formula in which I placed that time value and the answer of the formula needs to be displayed on the nextion screen. I have used text box for that and programed according t that but I am not getting the value on the screen but getting on the serial monitor of arduino. So can you help me out. Thank you. If you are getting output on serial monitor and not on nextion means there is something wrong in particular tag definition for text box.

Check your code again. Or send your code and nextion hmi file to me, i will try to help you out with the code. Thank you sir for your help. I got the output. I am also getting the same error recvRetCommandFinished err. Getting this error wherever I am trying to write on any text box. Can you please help? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The disk may fail soon. If other hard disks are available, install Windows to another location. Can you copy paste your error here. Siddhi December 7, - pm. Sahil Ahmad January 9, - pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Pages: [1] 2. Seithan Jr. Tutorial on how to write code with Nextion and Arduino. Hello everyone, Although I am a new signed-in user, I have been watching and learning from the community of arduino.

Since then, the help from this site was very useful to achive many things. This is my first post and I, in turn, want to give some hours of hard work and knowledge back to the community. HMI file for Nextion and. If you prefer to see more colors, you can go to my site, but I will also upload it here.

If you want, you can see a short video on youtube on how the project works. HMI file and. Now, we are beginning to write the tutorial: Tutorial on how to write code with Nextion and Arduino.

Nextion+Arduino interfacing with source code

Communication protocol between Arduino and Nextion Display:. Re: Tuturial on how to write code with Nextion and Arduino. How we read and identifie the commands from Arduino's Serial port:. Code: [Select]. We use them to store all of the lines of text. It will NOT adapt if there are more than twenty lines. In this case, we have to create more variables.

Nextion has more space for variables than Arduino. For that reason, most times it is better to store the text on Nextion and doing all the reading and processing from there, letting Arduino and the Serial available for other tasks of the project. The time to transfer the text array is very little, at the scale of milliseconds.

Thus, we should prefer to perform most of the tasks on Nextion rather than Arduino. Component va0.

Nextion Display with Arduino – Getting Started

Component va1. Component va2. And at the end, we print the b[cnt. It is also important to NOTE, that in the component array, we can put the variables and equations with numbers and the result of those, will be the number of that specific argument. By pressing the down button b1we add to cnt. By pressing the up button b0we subtract by 1 the cnt. With the Hotspot's Press Event, we print four lines, starting with the one that has the same number as the cnt.

When you press on t1, which covers all of the display, the touch event is going to print the first four lines, from the values we have sented, doing the following: Code: [Select]. This command uses a specific protocol of our own.

nextion hmi examples

Its function on how we organize our commands and make Arduino identify them, will be explained later at its own paragraph. How to create a variable, change it to global scope and use it across different pages:. How to make a useful pop-up message on Nextion:. How to change components' attributes at Nextion from Arduino:. How to use the timer variable, a non-visible component:.

How to add a numeric variable inside a text same with Arduino :.This document goes through various features of the current Nextion Editor. Note: Nextion Editor has undergone an extensive overhaul in support of the new Intelligent Series similarly with v0. As such, the new Nextion Editor is not expected to retain every previous behaviour exactly.

Old Nextion devices pre v0. With the new, then there are indeed new behaviours and new possibilities. Where an item within the guide may be specific to a particular Nextion series, the following icons will be used to represent the series: For the Basic T Seriesfor the Enhanced K Series and for the Intelligent P Series. The latest version of the Nextion Editor can be downloaded from [ here ]. The Nextion Editor can be set to a Blue or Black themed style Style is found in the upper right corner.

Many of the panes can be adjusted on both size and their location. To resize, drag the splitter between panes and move to resize the panes. To move a pane to a more convenient location, drag the title of the pane and release on your preferred drop point. Panes can also be pinned to retain a fixed position or unpinned to collapse to an edge when not in focus. When needed, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Setting menu.

Other settings in the Nextion Editor can be configured in Configuration under the Settings menu. The default font of the Nextion Editor can now be changed to suit your taste. The default timeout of ms for the Debug Simulator can be adjusted from 20ms to ms. Code hints, highlighting, description, tooltips and auto-complete can be set individually for the Editor and the Debug Simulator. Default path for eeprom and sd files can be customized to suit your taste.

When neede, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Settings menu. The number of recent projects tracked is by default 10, and can be increased. Right-clicking a project allows you to select from the following:. When an HMI project is not currently loaded, you can:.

Here, Users can create a New project, Open an existing project, Save the current project, Save as to rename and save the currently loaded project, Close Project to close their current project, and Exit the Nextion Editor.This post is an introduction to the Nextion display with the Arduino. It is a great solution to monitor and control processes, being mainly applied to IoT applications.

The Nextion has a built-in ARM microcontroller that controls the display, for example it takes care of generating the buttons, creating text, store images or change the background. The Nextion communicates with any microcontroller using serial communication at a baud rate. To design the GUI, you use the Nextion Editor, in which you can add buttons, gauges, progress bars, text labels, and more to the user interface in an easy way.

We have the 2. You can grab a Nextion basic model, or a Nextion enhanced model. The Nextion enhanced has new features when compared with the basic model:. The best model for you, will depend on your needs. Additionally, this is the most used size, which means more open-source examples and resources for this size. You can check Maker Advisor website to get your Nextion display at the best price — just click the links below:.

To get started with Nextion, first you need to install Nextion Editor. You can either download the. Follow the next steps to install the library:. To make it work for Arduino Uno, you need to do the following:. Connecting the Nextion display to the Arduino is very straightforward. These pins are labeled at the back of your display, as shown in the figure below.

You can power up the Nextion display directly from the Arduino 5V pin, but it is not recommended. Working with insufficient power supply may damage the display.

So, you should use an external power source. The best way to get familiar with a new software and a new device is to make a project example.

You can use the preceding links or go directly to MakerAdvisor. After following the instructions, you should be able to complete the user interface yourself. Additionally, we provide all the resources you need to complete this project. Click here to download all the files. Give it a name and save it. Then, a window pops up to chose your Nextion model, as show in the figure below. Or you can import the. HMI file for this project. After selecting your display and the orientation, just click the Ok button.

A new project on the Nextion Editor should open. To use an image as a background, it should have the exact same dimensions as your Nextion display. Check your display dimensions and edit your background image accordingly. Select the Picture tab. The image will be added to the pictures list and it will be given an id.

nextion hmi examples

In this case it is 0. Go to the toolbox, and click on the Picture component. It will be automatically added to your display area. Having that component selected, you should see its attribute in the attribute area. You can double click on the attributes to edit them.Nextion Arduino library provides an easy-to-use method way to manipulate Nextion displays series.

Users can use the library freely, either for commercial projects or for open-source projects, without any additional conditions. There are ten examples in our library now. We will keep updating with more examples. The latest version is unstable and a lot of changes may be applied in a short time interval without any notification to the users. Usually, this library is for developers only. Release version is recommended for you, unless you are one of the developers of this library.

All boards, which have one or more hardware serial, can be supported. If users complete their work, it will be a wise choice to disable Debug Serial. If users want to disable the debug information, they need to modify the line in configuration file NexConfig. To help users quickly get started, we are now taking CompButton.

Users may download it and practice as we instruct. Users will see there are three files: HMI file, ino file and tft file. Open and debug the CompButton. The tft. Nextion also supports downloading project with tft file by SD card within 2G. Open CompButton.Perfect for my mother who does not use data. Great customer service also. How nice to have a NO Hassle service provider, unlike others who only want to sell you this week's latest phone.

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nextion hmi examples

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